• World’s no.1 Muse Tribute

    World’s no.1 Muse Tribute

  • 1.000.000+ hits on Youtube

    1.000.000+ hits on Youtube

  • Countless (inter)national gigs

    Countless (inter)national gigs

  • ‘A Kate Hudson short of the real thing’ – NME

    ‘A Kate Hudson short of the real thing’ – NME

  • Come and see us live!

    Come and see us live!



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Chris a new bass? Chico a new bass! Thanks @Status Graphite @Muse @Chris Wolstenholme @Sound Sculpture @Tech 21 NYC ‪#‎gear‬ ‪#‎bass‬‪#‎led‬

Paaspop 2016

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Wow Paaspop, you were LOUD and amazing! Thank you so much for an unforgettable night!

First 2016 show @ PoGo!

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A nice message in the written press yesterday. Congratulations to Stichting PoGo for the success of last Saturday, we are happy we were part of it! Now getting ready for our gig @ Podium Duycker tomorrow. Cheers :)

Post-summer Update

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Big thanks to everyone at Nirwana, Woodrock and Koempelrock! We had a great week! Now gearing up for our last UK trip of the year where we will play the Big Fake Festival. See you out there! Also, if you didn’t already on our Facebook page, check out these videos from last week :)