03 May 2018

Gig @ Premiere Night Muse – Drones World Cinema Tour

Awesome news!

We’re psyched to play at the opening night of the Muse Drones Cinema World Tour @ Podium Gigant, Apeldoorn (NL). So first the movie and then straight on to a full Musest concert.

This one is for the real Muse fans!

02 May 2018

Tour dates 2018

Just updated our website with new tourdates for 2018! More dates will follow soon.

05 Apr 2018

Summer Shows!

Looking forward to these nice outdoor summer shows again!

02 Feb 2017

10th Anniversary!

This week we celebrate our 10 year anniversary!

Started as a project by joining a tribute contest, we soon decided this was something for the long run. We played about 300 shows in clubs, bars, cafés, at small festivals, big festivals, for crowds from 5 up to 15.000. Over 80 hours of Coco Jamboo on repeat, 5 miles from home, 2500 miles from home, we enjoyed every single one of them! And we’ll keep enjoying it, so for the coming years we’ll try to continue this true tribute to the best band in the world. We will keep improving our set and show to do justice to Muse, who make it all possible.
Also a massive thank YOU for the amazing support over the years and we are looking forward to seeing you soon!

21 Nov 2016

Tributeland, Klokgebouw 2016

Thank you all who came to cheer with us at festival Tributeland! A great first edition of this festival in a unique venue!

20 Aug 2016

Confetti Madness @ Zomerfeesten Gorinchem

We are speechless from last night’s show! Headlining at the Zomerfeesten with an amazing crowd on the Groenmarkt, balloons, confetti, CO2 blasts PLUS meeting MUSE photographer Hans-Peter van Velthoven… the highlight of 2016!