Nirwana Tuinfeest 2015

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A big thank you to the people who came to see us in Aschaffenburg! We had a great time! We would like to end this weekend with some other news:

Just like in 2013 we have the honours to highlight the Sunday of the Nirwana festival! With The Dropkick Murphys and Gogol Bordello closing the Friday and Saturday, it is our job to squeeze every last bit of nirwana-energy out of you and turn off the lights on the Sunday. 2013 was a great edition and we are sure this one is going to be even better! We can’t wait!


  1. Hi we see your gig in Colos Saal Aschaffenburg… it was a really great concert! The light show was great, the voice is really amazing… I listen some people who told ” now i saved 80 € because Musest is better than Muse”
    Only one question which we have: ” Why this gig was not sold out???”

  2. Hello,
    What are the vertical bar lights you use called, saw them in Scunthorpe last Saturday, they look really cool.
    Thanks, Ian.

    1. Hi Ian! Cool :) Just search for ‘DMX LED Bar’ at your lighting/music store and you’ll definitely find some. Cheers!

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